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14:28 Mar 31 2010

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Chinese Tibetologists visit Switzerland
14:28, March 31, 2010  

After visiting Germany, a delegation of Chinese Tibetologists headed to Switzerland. The group is introducing Tibet culture to the nation.

At a symposium with the Director of the Voelkerkunde museum at the University of Zurich, both sides discussed Tibetan history, which can lay a foundation for cultural relic exchange and protection. The Chinese Tibetologists hope both nations will enhance cooperation at universities and research institutes, to provide Europeans a better understanding of Tibet.

Dr. Mareile Flitsch, director of Voelkerkunde Museum, University of Zurich, said, "We are very interested in Chinese and Tibetan history and culture. With our common efforts, we believe Europe can better understand China, and do so in a very short time."

The delegation also held a symposium with overseas Chinese nationals and students. The Tibetologists introduced the history of Tibet, along with a religious doctrine on reincarnation of the living Buddhas. The group also explained the development and improvement of Tibet's democratic reformation, as well as the future development of Tibet's economy.

Overseas student in Switzerland Shi Guanglong said, "Thanks to the symposium, we can provide deeper comprehension of Tibet's past and future. This also helps overseas Chinese and students stay close to the motherland."

The delegation will visit Berne, the capital of Switzerland, to hold discussions with Berne University and local media. The visit concludes Wednesday.

Source: CCTV online

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