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15:20 Sep 27 2011

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Tibetologist: Europeans invited to visit Tibet
09:38, April 02, 2010  

Tenzin Lhundrup, researcher of the China Tibetology Research Center, gives a brief introduction to Tibet's social development, in Berlin, Germany, March 22, 2010. (Xinhua Photo)

"I hope more Europeans will learn more about Tibet today by visiting there," said Tenzin Lhundrup, head of a visiting Tibetologist delegation in Berne, Switzerland.

Tenzin noted that while his delegation members visited Germany and Swizterland, they found that the mainstream of the general public in Europe regards Tibet as part of China and acknowledge the tremendous economic and social progress Tibet has made. In particular, the German academic community has made success in studying the Tibetan Buddhism and Tibet's Sanskrit.

However, he said, the community has some misunderstanding of Tibet's history and reality. Furthermore, some German think tanks still use outdated reference materials and lack in-depth research into current changes taking place in Tibet's social and economic development.

He also indicated that in the course of exchanges in the two countries, he noticed that those experts and scholars who often visit China or make exchanges with Chinese academic institutions have a profound understanding of the region because they have made on-the-spot investigations there.

Source: Xinhuanet

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