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16:26 Sep 27 2011

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Nepali hotel company to expand business in China's Tibet
09:09, April 06, 2010  

Star Management Pvt. Ltd (SMPL),a Nepali company, hoped to expand its business in China with its high-standard service.

The SMPL is one under the renowned brand of "Shangri-La Group" in Nepal that specifically manages hotels.

After its successful installation and hospitality it has offered through Hotel Shangri-La in Nepal, it is vying to prove its high caliber in China which is a booming economic leader.

"The Shangri-La Group has already signed an agreement with Chinese company for the operation and management of an approximately 300 rooms, deluxe resort which is planning to be develop at the site in Linzhi, China's Tibet," Prasidha Bahadur Pandey, Managing Director of Hotel Shangri-La told Xinhua on Monday.

In 2009, Shangri-La group signed a deal with Tibetan Tourism Corporation Limited (TTCL) from Chinese side for big project worth10-12 million U.S. dollar, according to Pandey.

As per agreement, the hotels are being constructed in Linzhi with the investment of Chinese company TTCL. The 170 rooms will be constructed in its first phase whereas 170 will be constructed in the second phase.

According to Pandey, construction of these hotels will be completed by 2012 and Shangri-La group will be formally informed by TTCL to operate hotels.

"Besides signing the deal to manage hotels at Linzhi, we are also negotiating to tie up some more hotel projects with the same Chinese company," Pandey further said.

The management of Shangri-La group will be engaged in imparting training to the manpower of China in the various fields of hotel management and promote investments in China and Nepal, he said.

"We hope the venture of Shangri-La group will inspire all the entrepreneurs of hotel industries of both countries to work together in a joint venture and to develop tourism of both countries," Pandey said emphasizing Nepali entrepreneurs to start business in China.

Source: Xinhua


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