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17:03 Sep 27 2011

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Video: Tibetans in Beijing (II)
09:16, April 07, 2010  

Ganggeji is a Tibetan girl. She was graduated from Central University of Nationalities in 2009. She is a dancing actor now.

Host:Good afternoon, Ganggeji! Firstly, I want to ask what does your name stands for in Tibetan language.

Gang: It means beautiful and happy princess in snow mountains. The living Buddha chose this name for me.

Host: The meaning of the name seems quite appropriate for you, a beautiful and happy princess. Which living Buddha chose the name?

Gang: The 6th Gongtangzang living Buddha.

Host: When did you come to Beijing?

Gang: In 2005.

Host: Why did you choose to come to Beijing?

Gang: Because I was admitted to Central University of Nationalities, so I came to Beijing for my studies.

Host: Were you majoring in Tibetan dance when you were studying in Central University of Nationalities?

Gang: No. The dancing college of CUN is a comprehensive one. We learned dances of 15 nationalities in a systematic way. However, because I am a Tibetan girl, many people mistakenly believe that my major is Tibetan dance.

Host: What made you begin to learn dancing? Have you been influenced by your relatives or your friends?

Gang: For Tibetans as an ethnic group everyone can sing as naturally as drinking, and everyone can dance as naturally as walking! We were imperceptibly influenced by what we have constantly seen and heard since we were very young.

Since my home was near the Northwest University for Nationalities at that time, whenever I saw the elder sisters who were studying in the dancing colleges wearing the "dance" character T-shirt, coiling their hairs and putting on the dancing shoes, I had a burning desire to be one of them all the time. So my mother sent me to the professional dancing school.

At the beginning, my mother was really worried about me as she saw our painstaking training process. She wanted me to quit and just treat dancing as a kind of extracurricular interest. However, I refused to stop learning dancing because I loved it so much and I told my mother that I must get through this painstaking process and then become successful.

Host: Did you have a hard time adjusting to the new living environment in Beijing when you first came here?

Gang: Em... It's ok. I was growing up in city, while there is one thing I can not accept is there are so many, so many people in Beijing. As a result, there are so many, so many autos and so many traffic jams here. It's not that convenient to do everything here.

While, people in Beijing are really friendly especially those taxi drivers.

Host: I guess something interesting would always happen on your campus since your major is dancing.

Gang: Yes, there are. For example, our schoolmates from other majors, such as Tibetan language major, would hold the Guozhuang Dance activity at the Friday night. There are a few students joined in the activity at the beginning, maybe only more than ten. However, it became famous and more and more students want to join in. What's more interesting, I can call my friends from other universities to come to this event every week.

I think the most attractive part is the atmosphere and the Tibetans' enthusiasm during the activity.

Host: The activity is still being held every week now?

Gang: It should be. I have graduated for about one year, and I didn't come back for a long time. But I think there should be.

Host: Maybe you can take me there some time.

Gang: Okay! You're welcome.

Host: What do you do now?

Gang: I'm a dancing actor now.

Host: You used to be a guest on the program "Dancing world" produced by CCTV3?

Gang: Yes. I was still studying in university. I was afraid that I wasn't competent for the job. Fortunately, I'm not a shy girl. So I came to the program and performed a dance. I also taught some aunts and uncles about Tibetan dance on that show.

Host: Since you are living in Beijing now, will you go back to your hometown every year?

Gang: Yes. I go back to my hometown every year.

Host: Have you found some changes in your hometown?

Gang: Yes, there are some changes. Thanks to the implementation of Western Development Strategy, the traffic condition is much better, and we can see much public fitness equipment outside which was unavailable in the old days. Every weekend, aunts and uncles would dance on public squares happily.

Host: Are your parents art amateurs?

Gang: Yes. They are very friendly people and they usually hold some parties in my home. They really enjoy the moment when they were drinking, singing and dancing in parties even there was not any audio equipment.

Host: Have you planned for your future in Beijing?

Gang: About the planning… I hope to have a good end-result. I mean girls are always caring about this, a husband who loves them and a happy family.

Host: What about your career planning or goals?

Gang: I hope I can carry on and promote the Tibetan culture, as well as widen my career in dancing field.

Host: Your friend should come from different ethnic groups, right?

Gang: Yes. Most of my friends are my classmates on campus as I had graduated just one year ago. There is Bai nationality, Hui nationality, Oroqen nationality, Zhuang nationality and so on.

Host: It must be a three ring circus on your party.

Gang: Absolutely! We are dancing major students, so dancing is an essential part on our party. If we talking about singing, everyone is "microphone hog"!

Host: Do you always meet each other now?

Gang: Yes, especially my roommates. We meet once a week. They are dancing actors or dancing teachers now.

Host: What's your impression about People's Daily Online since this is the first time you visiting here?

Gang: The office area is really quiet. Everyone is working hard and dedicated to their jobs.

Host: Thank you. I can take you looking around our work area later after the program.

Gang: Thank you!

Host: Ok, this is the end of the program. Bye!

By People's Daily Online

Video: Tibetans in Beijing


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