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19:23 Sep 27 2011

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Rare atavistic gray Tibetan mastiff born in Changzhou
16:31, April 13, 2010  

Most Tibetan mastiffs are yellow, white, black or black and yellow in color. However, a gray Tibetan mastiff, whose mother is a yellow and father black, was born in Wanbang TM Kennel in Changzhou.

Experts have explained that the Tibetan mastiff's gray coat was something mainly seen in the ancient forms of the species and is very rare to see now. This reappearance of traits that disappeared a long time ago is called atavism.The propagation probability is about one in 240,000.

After the news was published, many pet-lovers came to see the gray Tibetan mastiff.

According to the manager of the Wanbang TM Kennel, the gray puppy's father is a gold and black color top-grade breeding Tibetan mastiff named "Luhu" worth four million yuan.

By People's Daily Online


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