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01:09 Sep 28 2011

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China's top political advisor visits quake survivors, rescuers
15:51, April 27, 2010  

China's top political advisor Jia Qinglin visited quake survivors and rescuers during a trip to the quake-hit Yushu in northwest China's Qinghai Province on Monday.

"The government will go all out to rebuild the quake zone," Jia, chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, told villagers from Yushu County, where the epicenter lies.

Jia also met with representatives of monks who joined the rescue. He said the monks showed patriotism and compassion in their proactive role in quake relief work and called on them to continue to bring spiritual support to the quake survivors.

In the devastated Gyegu Township, Jia praised rescuers from the army and police forces as the "main force" of the rescue work and encouraged them to keep on striving for new merits in quake relief.

"As the people's soldiers, you showed great valor and heroism in rescuing quake survivors with outstanding performance," he said.

In a local hospital of Xining, Jia recognized medical workers' efforts in treating quake survivors and stressed the importance of preventing epidemics in the quake zone.

Source: Xinhua


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