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01:49 Sep 28 2011

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Final secret of the ancient Tubo Kingdom
17:25, April 28, 2010  

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The tombs of the ancient Tubo kingdom's Btsan-pos were called the "Zangwang Tombs," meaning the tombs of Tibetan Kings. The largest one discovered so far was located in Qiongjie County in southeastern Lhasa. It's a tomb group built from the seventh century to ninth century.

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Except paying attention to the ecological and practical function, site selections of the tombs are also an art, especially selecting the surrounding landscapes.

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Which royal members were buried in the tombs?

Starting the 1950s, Chinese scholars began scientific investigation of the tombs. There are 20 tombs in both east and west part in total, which is almost the same as the number recorded in the Tibetan literature.

The tombs were arranged according to the descent of the kings. The first one in the west part is Srongtsen Gampo and the first one in the east part is Mudi Btsan-po.

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