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09:34 May 05 2010

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Tibetan folklore festival promoting tourism in Gansu Tibetan area
09:32, May 05, 2010  

Artists dressed in traditional Tibetan costumes perform at the Shambhala Folklores Festival. (Xinhua Photo)

Sponsored by the Gansu Provincial Tourism Bureau and the Shenzhen Splendid China Development Co., Ltd, a Tibetan festivity titled "Shambhala Folklores" opened in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, southeastern Gansu Province on May 1. To be performed during the five-day festivity are various kinds of intangible Tibetan heritages including Tibetan songs and dances. On display will be colorful Tibetan costumes, highland barley liquor and precious Thangka (a Tibetan art of scroll painting) paintings collected by the Labrang Monastery, a famous lamasery of the Gelug Sect.

Source: Xinhua

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