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04:03 Sep 28 2011

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15.5 billion yuan invested in Tibetan ecological security projects
08:52, May 06, 2010  

China will invest 15.5 billion yuan in 10 ecological security projects, according to the recently launched "Tibet Ecological Environment Protection and Construction Plan." These projects will create a positive impact on the environment and climate of China and even the whole world.

Tibet, which makes up about one-eighth of China's total land area, is famous for its mountain glaciers and is the country's most concentrated area of rivers, lakes and marshes. It has the largest water resources and forest area out of all the provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China. It is not only China's "source of rivers" and "ecological source" but also the "starter" and "regulator" of China's climate and even the entire northern hemisphere.

Tibet has so far established 47 nature reserves, of which, nine are at the national level, 14 at the autonomous region (provincial) level, and 24 are at the city and county levels. The 47 reserves cover a total area of over 410,000 square kilometers, accounting for 35 percent of the national total, the highest percentage compared to other areas in China.

There are 125 kinds of wild animals and 39 kinds of wild plants on the national protection list living well in these reserves. Red deer, generally considered to have been extinct in the 20th century, have been rediscovered in Tibet, with an expanding population. In addition, the population of the Tibetan antelope has also increased year-by-year and now is around 150,000.

By People's Daily Online


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