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04:38 Sep 28 2011

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Post-quake rumors harm victims
14:09, May 07, 2010  

It was normal that opinions differed on social support and government aid for the Yushu earthquake. It was also understandable that people might hold different opinions especially when the earthquake victims were still in danger.

However, some rumors were spread to cause trouble. Foreign media, including the Associated Press, the AFP, the Voice of Germany, BBC and others contributed to the rumors, while some rumors originated from the Dalai clique. Many scholars and experts in China responded to these rumors, saying that they should be condemned, and the conspiracies behind the rumors should be uncovered.

Ye Hailin, expert on international issues from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, has deep insight into these rumors. He analyzed these rumors in an objective and thorough way. Ye said that the rumors apparently lacked logic, but the foreign media reported these rumors with absolute certainty. Besides, rumors about the Yushu earthquake were made one after another, and all these rumors apparently constituted an organized attack.

There were rumors surrounding almost all aspects of the earthquake, from the cause of the earthquake and the relief work to the support provided by society. All these rumors directly criticized the Chinese government and society. Of course, we believe that the government would not let these rumors affect their relief work. However, the distorted media coverage and non-constructive criticisms obviously did harm to the quake victims. They only took advantage of the earthquake to achieve their purpose by manipulating public opinion.

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