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04:37 Sep 28 2011

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Tibet completes housing project for farmers and herdsmen
15:31, May 07, 2010  

A'Long, a villager from Gangdelin Village in the Duilongdeqing County of Tibet Autonomous Region, hosted some village cadres in his newly-constructed house.

In order to implement the housing project for farmers and herdsmen, Tibet integrated financial capital, private capital, credit capital, private funds and assistance starting in 2006 and emphasis was placed on rural housing reconstruction and the settlement and relocation roving herdsmen.

The project proposed that 80 percent of the total, or 219,800 of 274,800 farmers and herdsmen in Tibet who lived in poor housing conditions would be moved into comfortable and safe houses during the 11th Five-Year Plan.

By the end of 2009, a total of 231,500 farmers and herdsmen had moved into new houses, which is ahead of the planned schedule.

By People's Daily Online


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