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04:40 Sep 28 2011

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Tibet to build two five-star cinemas
17:02, May 07, 2010  

Tibet is to attract 20 million investment to build two five-star cinemas in its capital city Lhasa.

With 46 cultural items, Tibet will lead a group to the 6th China International Cultural Industry Expo held in Shenzhen to invite trade and investment.

"We plan to attract 20 million at the expo to build two cinemas respectively in Lhasa eastern and western suburbs. The cinemas will comprise movie, shopping, book and audio-video material and entertainment to meet people's increasing demand for high-quality entertainment places," said Liang Xiaoping, vice secretary of Tibet Movie Company.

At present, in Lhasa there is only one cinema near the Jokhang Temple. With only 311 seats, the cinema can't meet local people's demand.

Source:China Tibet Information Center


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