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04:40 Sep 28 2011

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Tibet to hold calligraphy academic criticism exhibition
17:16, May 07, 2010  

Launched by the Literary Institute of Tibet University and the Young Calligraphers Association of the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), the "Tibet Calligraphy Academic Criticism Exhibition" will be held in Tibet University on May 8.

According to Wang Jianxiao, chairman of the association as well as planner of the exhibition, such exhibition is the first time in TAR and even in China. Aiming at awaking criticism consciousness to boost progress, this exhibition involves criticism on calligraphers, productions, activities and phenomena about calligraphy.
"This exhibition is open to all circles and we welcome suggestions," Wang said.

Handwritings of famous calligraphers in Tibet such as Gong Tongliang, Tian Zhonghe and Huang Guitian will be displayed on the exhibition.

Source:China Tibet Information Center


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