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15:57 May 10 2010

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Xigaze to invest 1.5 bln in highway construction
15:55, May 10, 2010  

A car on the 318 national road in Xigaze prefecture. (Tibet Daily Photo)

This year Xigaze prefecture of the Tibet Autonomous Region will invest 1.5 billion yuan in highway construction, sources from the local transportation bureau.

According to Zhao Zhanwen, an official of the bureau, this year the highway from Sagya county to Dinggye county will start construction and four key projects for the Da Chuka-Xigaze section of the 318 national road will kick off as well. In addition, roads in rural areas will be focused and it is expected that 141 villages will be able to enjoy better traffic conditions.

During the construction, rural workers will be encouraged to join in with guidance from the local government so that they can increase their income. Rural people are expected to increase 58 million yuan by working for construction projects.

Strict measures on environment protection will be taken for the highway construction in Xigaze.(1 USD equals about 6.82 yuan.)

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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