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09:37 May 11 2010

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Tibet to invite investment at 6th China International Cultural Expo
09:35, May 11, 2010  

Tibet will lead a group to attend the 6th China International Cultural Expo, which is set to open in Shenzhen on May 14.

The Tibet delegation will bring 46 Tibetan cultural items valued at more than 2.2 billion yuan to the expo to invite investment.

These 46 cultural items include 11 tourism items, 2 cultural places, 15 cartoon and film items, 8 cultural performance items, 4 publishing and printing items and 6 handicraft items.

During the expo, a small performance stage will be set up at the expo to showcase the distinct Tibetan dancing and singing and Tibetan costume. Besides, Tibetan medicine doctor will offer free medicine service for tourists while local Tibetans will show their handicraft skills.

Tourists will be treated with delicious butter tea.

With the 46 cultural items, the Tibet delegation will reinforce its cultural cooperation, develop new investment tunnel and absorb investment and human resource to boost Tibet's cultural industry.

In addition, the famous Tibetan singer Cedai Drolma will sing for the expo.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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