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06:40 Sep 28 2011

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American guide: Tibet Pavilion is a miracle
17:06, May 13, 2010  

"The fresco Tashi-Delek, the beautiful scenery along the way of Qinghai-Tibet railway and the typical Tibetan house fooled me into thinking that I was in Tibet." A 45-year-old American guide Jefferson told the reporter after he visited the Tibet Pavilion.

Jefferson, whose Chinese is not bad, has been to Lhasa three times. The Tibet Pavilion was the one he was most excited about before he came to Shanghai World Expo. "Here is the epitome of Tibet, which is just like a miracle," Jefferson said.

A female Tibetan announcer told the reporter that since Tibet Pavilion opened, what impressed her most were the questions from the foreign tourists such as "can you speak the Tibetan language?," "do you like the Shanghai Expo because so many large buildings are here?" there are still many tourists quite interested in the prayer wheel, and most of them would like to have a touch and make their wishes.

The visitors can also enjoy a short film named Heavenly Tibet in the Tibet Pavilion. The film, which has adopted the real film and digital technology, describes Tibet's development during the passed 30 years.

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