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17:44 May 13 2010

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Famous painter's connection to Tibetan paintings, culture
17:43, May 13, 2010  

<center class="t091105">Harvest Celebration at the Plateau (Source: China Daily)

Painter and art official Feng Yuan says painting should regain ancient values

As the nation's influence continues to grow, Chinese paintings and artists should be valued and grasp the world recognition they deserve, says Feng Yuan, vice-chairman of the China Federation of Literary and Art Circle.

Feng has also long had a strong connection to Tibetan painting and culture.

"An increasing number of Tibetan and Han artists in China go deep into the hinterlands of Tibet and show the great progress with their painting brushes, depicting their own experiences, inspiration and artistic vision," said Feng.

For more than half a century, Tibet has experienced a historical and fundamental change from serfdom to a society with modern civilization, he noted.

Paintings on Tibet are developing in the historical context of Tibetan and Han cultures, promoting and complementing each other.

"The efforts of artists from several generations have laid solid basis for painting works on Tibet - an important subject of fine art and a theme widely presented in the works of many artists," Feng said.

(Source: China Daily)

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