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06:56 Sep 28 2011

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Thangka exhibition held in Beijing to raise fund for quake zone
14:22, May 14, 2010  
Thangka exhibition held in Beijing to raise fund for quake zone

A visitor is taking photos of the Thangka paintings, photo from China Tibet Information Center.

A group of Thangka paintings with a history going back to Qing Dynasty at the exhibition, photo from China Tibet Information Center.

A Thangka culture exhibition was on May 10 held in the Beihai Park of Beijing in the hope of raising fund for students in quake zone of Yushu, Qinghai Province.

The exhibition is the largest of this kind with most complete variety to show the art and culture from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau from various angles.

More than 80 pieces of Thangka paintings with a history ranging from Yuan Dynasty to present were displayed.

Of the total, a huge Thangka titled "Jataka Story of Shakyamuni Buddha" is an eye-catcher and is valued at 300,000 yuan. With 270-centimeter-long and 138-centimeter-wide, it is painted by a Thangka master with around 260 days.

Apart from modern paintings, the exhibition also includes some ancient Thangka. Despite of remote past, the ancient Thangka still have a beautiful bright and exercise an extraordinary power.

For most tourists, it is the first time to enjoy Thangka, a work of art always attracts people by strong visual impact.

Lawrence from England, who travels China for the first time, said:"It is nice, beautiful and has strong religious features."

Zheng Zhuangrong who took a fancy to a silk tapestry Thangka told the journalist:"I plan to buy one. It is a good activity. I hope I can help the students in quake zone."

The exhibition will last till May 23. At the exhibition, visitor can enjoy the exquisite Thangka, but also see the Thangka painting on the spot.

As of now, eight pieces of Thangka paintings valued at nearly 40,000 yuan has been sold at the exhibition. All the funds raised will be donated to help students in quake zone to rebuild their schools.

The quake-zone Yushu most inhabited by Tibetan people is the cradle of Manniang Sect of Thangka.

The Thangka was inscribed into the first batch of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Source: China Tibet Information Center
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