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10:00 May 17 2010

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Special action on wild animal protection
09:58, May 17, 2010  

Dubbed as the "Sharp Sword on the Plateau", a special action to protect wild animals in northern Tibet kicked off on May 15: staff members from TAR Forest Police Bureau and soldiers of Tibet Forest Armed Police Corps gathered in Lhasa and set off for "no-man's land" in northern Tibet.

According to Xu Xiongguan, vice director for the action, this action will be launched in Changtang Nature Reserve aiming at protecting about 200 wild animals and plants such as Tibetan antelopes and Tibetan wild donkeys and punish poachers. Promotion activities on wild animal protection will also be held along the way.

To last for more than half a month, the action will cover more than 6,500 kilometers.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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