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15:49 May 17 2010

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40 pieces of Tibetan works shown in Beijing Art Gallery
15:48, May 17, 2010  

A painting exhibition was held in "Beauty of Tibet" art gallery in Beijing Songzhuang Art Zone on May 16, with 40 pieces of art works from 8 artists on show.

The famous paintings from 8 artists such as Han Shuli, Yu Youxin and Jigme Trelek brought amazing visual experiences for the visitors. Han Shuli and Yu Youxin with their pursuits of aesthetic principle, devoted themselves into the snow-covered mountains, rivers and Tibetans' real life in 70s.

Han Shuli spent two years in completing "Eastern auspicious cloud-peaceful liberation of Tibet" with old photographs' yellowish grey color described more than 80 Tibetans' curious, fearful, doubtful, and expectable psychological states by seeing the People's Liberation Army for the first time.

Jigme Trelek's "Good luck" painted by the natural color of Tibetan mineral and green tea presents the harmony between the heaven and human beings.

"Beauty of Tibet" art gallery as the only gallery in Beijing to show contemporary Tibetan paintings for long term aims to promote Tibetan culture and inspire young artists for their creativity.

Source: China Tibet Information Center

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