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07:50 Sep 28 2011

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Discover the only nunnery in Lhasa
09:07, May 18, 2010  

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If you travel in Tibet, you must visit a nunnery named Anicanggu Temple, a very influential nunnery in Lhasa, near the Barkhor Street.

The nunnery has a very unique tradition and style. Here is not only the paradise of female Buddha, but also a place for females to learn Buddhism, culture and knowledge. Many influential people used to study in this nunnery.

The two-floors of the main hall in the nunnery are not very large. The most famous site in the nunnery is the Srongtsen Gampo meditation cave. Inside the cave, there are three nuns offering sacrifices, chanting sutra and replacement the lamp oil to the Tibetan King Srongtsen Gampo’s statue.

No one knows how many pilgrims and believers the ancient meditation cave has welcomed over the many centuries.

By People's Daily Online


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