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10:26 May 18 2010

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1st Finnish woman conquers Mt. Qomolangma
10:23, May 18, 2010  

The first Finnish female mountain climber has conquered Mt. Qomolangma on Monday after a month long climbing, reported Finnish media Monday.

Carina Raiha, 43, left her job about 18 months ago to devote herself to the preparations for the climb. She started her climb at the beginning of April and finally reached the summit of Mt. Qomolangma on Monday.

She is the first Finnish woman to scale the world's highest peak of 8,848 meters height. Her previous personal record was a climb to 6,000 meters in Peru.

Another Finnish woman has succeeded in skiing across Greenland Glacier by early May, which registered the first success of this kind to a Finnish woman.

Johanna Nousiainen, a member of Ultimate Thule Greenland 2010 Expedition, started the trip with three other male teammates from the west coast of Greenland Glacier on April 14. They arrived in Isortoq Village in southeast Greenland on May 5 by skiing 7.5 hours per day to cover the journey of 600 kilometers.

Source: Xinhua

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