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07:54 Sep 28 2011

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Singer Tan Jing visits Yushu' s injured girl in Beijing
10:33, May 18, 2010  

Photo shows Gao Min, Tan Jing, Drolma and Zhang Ziyi(from L to R).

Tan Jing, famous singer of PLA General Political Department, actress Zhang Ziyi and "diving queen" Gao Min visited Drolma, an injured Tibetan girl from quake-hit Yushu and brought new dress for the Tibetan girl in the Armed Police General Hospital.

Tan Jing said:" I believe the reconstruction project will go on smoothly and successfully, with the help from people all over the country. As I know, Drolma

likes singing and dancing. I hope she wearing this dress to sing and dance in her newly-built hometown. "

Singer Tan Jing met Drolma on April 24 for the first time and gave her a computer.

Up to now, Drolma is recovering and will be discharged very soon.

Source: China Tibet Information Center
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