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09:31 Sep 28 2011

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Amazing Tibetan embroidery
14:49, May 20, 2010  

Photo shows the tourist watching the Tibetan embroidery exhibition.

Named as "National Cultural Industry Model Base" by the Ministry of Culture, Lhasa Gangdi Economic and Trade Co., Ltd. is engaging in producing Tibetan incense, Thangka and Tibetan embroidery.

44-year-old Tashi is the master of Tibetan embroidery skills in the company. He followed his master Phuntsok learn the skill for over 20 years. The Tibetan embroidery skill owns two main sewing ways. Left-right style is to sew in double lines, which is suitable for the big area design. The other is to sew close in single line. Meanwhile, the white cotton cloth and colorful wool lines are the necessary parts in Tibetan embroidery.

At present, Tashi's two apprentices can sew by themselves except the complex patterns such as people's eyes and lips.

Source: China Tibet Information Center


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