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23:01 Sep 27 2011

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Chen Danqing's 'Tibetan Group Paintings' exhibition held in Beijing
13:58, May 24, 2010  

<center class="t091105">Photo shows the lithograph work "Sheepherder".

Chen Danqing's "Tibetan Group Paintings" composed by 7 pieces of paintings are shown in Beijing Shin Kong Place, a department store with the largest shopping area in Beijing.

The exhibition sponsored by international Art Miki will last from May 16 to June 15.

Chen Danqing focuses on depicting Tibetans' daily life and manages to deliver the true essence of Realism instead of emphasizing the doctrinal thoughts as other painters, who had affected by the painting style of Russia. Chen's way of drawing had a great impact in 70s.

The "Tibetan Group Paintings" were completed during 1979 to 1980 with 30 pieces of art works being printed as lithograph works.
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