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14:55 Sep 28 2011

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Youngest Mt. Qomolangma summiteer calls for protecting environment
13:50, May 30, 2010  

Jordan Romero, 13-year-old American boy who becomes the youngest climber to reach the summit of Mt. Qomolangma, speaks during a news conference in Kathmandu, capital of Nepal, May 27, 2010. Romero conquered Mt. Qomolangma on May 22, 2010. (Xinhua/Bimal Gautam)

The global climate change has a lot of impact over mountains and we should protect this feature of world, said Jordan Romero, the youngest summiteer of Mt. Qomolangma, in an interview with Xinhua here on Thursday.

Jordan Romero, 13, from California of United States, had summitted Mt. Qomolangma on May 22, 2010 from the Northern side (China's Tibet). He broke the previous record holder, 16-year-old Temba Tsheri of Nepal.

"We worked with the Chinese team for cleaning up the Mountain, and we picked up ours and others from the North Col till the Base Camp," he said. "We emptied our backpack and filled it with the trash of Mt. Qomolangma, we are taking it back to our country," he added.
"I will be conveying the message of climate change and its adverse impact on mountains and how the glaciers are being melted in the Himalayas, he said, adding,"I know how the Himalayas are being affected from the climate change, there is fear of mountains losing snow."

"I want to help change it because I know how much it is important for our ecosystem," Romero stressed.

Romero's statement is pretty supportive for Nepal and Nepali summiteer Apa Sherpa, world record holder for 20 ascents of Mt. Qomolangma who also broke his own record on the very day May 22 leading the "Eco Everest Expedition 2010" carrying the climate change message from top of the world.

Furthermore, replying to a query about his age, the physical matters he said that his body did coped up with the altitude and there were less physical problems and everything went very good. He added that age does not matter while climbing, if one is determined and hard working.

"I set an example to all the children of my age and I encourage younger ones to climb the world's highest mountain," he said. Nevertheless, 13 year teen age boy said he will continue his study. "I will be doing independent study."

Jordan has aimed to summit the seven highest peaks of seven different continents and Mt. Qomolangma is his sixth one that he summitted. The youngest summitteer is yet to summit Mt. Vinson in Antarctica.

After his return, he will go on to the 50 states in his country and climb the highest mountain of all the states and give motivational speeches among others, he informed.

The youngest summitter informed that he will be back to Nepal in Autumn and then climb another mountain Mt. Cho Oyu (8,201 meters).

Source: Xinhua


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