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19:25 Sep 28 2011

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Tibet has largest nature reserves in China
14:19, June 07, 2010  

Tibet has currently established 47 different levels of nature reserves that cover an area of nearly 414,000 square kilometers and more than 34 percent of Tibet's land area, ranking first out of all provinces in China.

Among the 125 wildlife species under state protection in Tibet, there are 39 species that are well-protected in the nature reserves, according to Zhang Yongze, director of the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Red deer, generally considered by the international animal research community to have vanished, were discovered again in Tibet in the 1990s, and their numbers are increasing. The number of Tibetan antelope is increasing every year and has reached a total of about 150,000.

Meanwhile, the number of black-necked cranes stands at about 7,000. Furthermore, the 21 ecological function protection zones, eight national forest parks, three national wetland parks, four geological parks and three state-level scenic spots established in Tibet have played a positive role in effectively protecting the key ecological areas of Tibet.

By People's Daily Online


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