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21:08 Sep 28 2011

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10 years of China Mobile Tibetan Branch
15:58, June 10, 2010  

A satellite station of China Mobile built on Mt. Qomolangmaat with an altitute of 6,500 meters start its testing on Nov. 13th, 2007. Four staff members from China Mobile display the flag of China Mobile, photo from Xinhua.

Up to now, the number of satellite stations has increased from 69 to 2,139 according to the information from 10th anniversary celebration of China Mobile Tibet branch. The mobile network covers 62% of the total area including all the administrative regions, 2,900 villages, major traffic lines, border ports and major tourist sites.

In the past ten years, China Mobile Tibet branch has played an important role in promoting the use of information technology, economic development and social stability in Tibet.

In particular, the eternal satellite station set up on Mt. Qomolangma over 5,200 meters above the sea level made telecommunication accessible for mountaineers home and abroad.

Meanwhile, China Mobile Tibet Branch paid various taxes of 238 million yuan, offered 2,000 jobs and donated 10 million yuan for public welfare since it was established on June 9, 2000.

Dorje Tsering, vice chairman of TAR said, "All the achievements China Mobile Tibet Branch has made over the past 10 years must be recognized, which will promote the development and long-term stability in Tibet."

Source: China Tibet Information Center


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