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08:55 Sep 29 2011

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Mount Qomolangma faces 'traffic' problems
12:36, June 20, 2010  

The top of the world, Mount Qomolangma has observed traffic problem not only triggered by soaring number of climbers but also with improper management backed by outdated regulation.

"The South side of the Mt. Everest encounters traffic problem mostly during the summit days that are determined by weather quality," said Dawa Steven Sherpa, two-time Mount Qomolangma summiteers in an interview with Xinhua recently.

Almost all of the summiteers wait for more than a month or two for affable weather to summit the top and when the weather will not be so stormy, hundreds of climbers move upward.

Dawa believed the traffic problem at top of the Mount Qomolangma is a more management-oriented issue. The Nepali government should heedfully monitor haphazard climbing to treat this problem.

According to him, some summiteers are seen climbing Mount Qomolangma without experienced Sherpa guides, which may create serious problem if they got collapse due to exhaustion or altitude sickness. There may not be anyone to help them out of the emergency situation.

"It will be better if they climb in an organized way guided by Sherpas, so that it will be easy to handle case in emergency operation," said Dawa.

He even pointed out the dearth of coordination between expedition teams, as all expeditions are dependent on weather window they need to coordinate with each other.

The spring mountaineering season this year ended on May 25 with 347 climbers from Nepali side, making it to the top of the world. Among the summiteers, 157 are foreigners and 190 Nepalis.

Source: Xinhua


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