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11:18 Sep 29 2011

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Actor Hu Ge struggles with self for role in "Shangri-la"
16:15, June 23, 2010  

(People's Daily Online Photo)

The press conference of the 30-episode large-scale national epic drama "Shangri-la" was held in Beijing on June 21.

The director Jiang Jiajun, leading actor Hu Ge and Wang Kewei attended the press conference.

Famous Chinese Hu Ge said, the reason for him to shoot the film is the role's great contrast with him.

"In the beginning of the film, Zhaxi, the name of the character I play, appears with the image of a sturdy horse thief. He was charged with the hatred of his father. The role has completely different style and characteristic with me, so I decided to breakthrough myself."

One third of the film will be shot at Shangri-la. Hu Ge said he used to climb the snow-capped mountain in Tibet, so his adaptive capability was good enough to overcome the altitude sickness.

By People's Daily Online


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