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11:49 Sep 29 2011

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0.46 yuan per day for living energy cost in Tibet
11:14, June 24, 2010  

The central gas station is expected to be put into use this October, according to the Energy Research Center of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

Located in Nam Village, Samdruplin Township of Dagze County, the central gas station has completed the main structure consisting of a 700-cubic-meter material storage pool, a 150-cubic-meter fermentation pool, and a solar heating system of 200 square meters.

So far, the station has worked smoothly and effectively in several trail operations. Gas supply will be able to last for 3 hours in the morning, afternoon and evening respectively, totalling 9 hours every day, enough to meet the daily energy need for 50 households in the village.

With this gas station in use, daily energy cost will be limited to about 0.46 yuan per day per househould, equal to 5 cents per hour.

Source: China Tibet Information Center


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