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13:31 Sep 29 2011

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"Happiness on the way" to attract 400 Tibetan arts zealots daily from July
08:46, June 28, 2010  

"Happiness on the way", the original Tibetan artistic-cultural performance, is elaborately presented on stage. Photo by Li Lin.

The original Tibetan artistc-cultural performance "Happiness on the way" was staged at the Tibetan Theatre Center of Tibet Autonomous Region(TAR) for over 300 domestic and overseas tourists on the evening, June 25, 2010.

"Impressive Yunnan" once impressed thousands of tourists with its charming presentation of Yunnan cultures. "Our Tibetan cultures are also rich and colorful both in contents and in patterns. We are committed to creating an high-end tourist repertoire leveraging on the time-honored original Tibetan heritages," said Zhang Junye, deputy manager of Tibet Qomolangma Cultural Media, the organizer and sponsor of this well-received performance.

"Happiness on the way" is the first Thangka-style combination of Tibetan song, dance and poetry ever created in China, in a try to annotate the ever-lasting topic for the humankind - happiness and harmony. It was an expensive creation in 2007 and in the following two years, the performance was staged for 130 times indulging about 130,000 tourists and audience. From the beginning of this year, Tibet Qomolangma Cultural Media has put more efforts in the marketing and promotion, including a free show for over 800 tourism insiders on April 20.

"TAR is expecting the high season of local tourism, so the performance is estimated to attracts 400 watchers daily from July to October," Zhang told.

Source:China Tibet Information Center


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