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13:32 Sep 29 2011

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Tashi Lumpo Monastery wraps up its annual Buddha-show festival
09:05, June 28, 2010  

Buddha Maitreya (Buddha for the future) is shown on Day three. Photo from China Tibet Information Center.

The annual Buddha-show festival was held in Tashi Lumpo Monastery from June 25 to June 27, which was May 14 to 16 according to the Tibetan calendar. It was a grand religious event for sutras chanting, prayer meeting and raindance held every year in Tashi Lumpo Monastery.

During the festival, paintings of Buddha for the past(Buddha Dipamkara), Buddha for the present(Buddha Shakyamuni) and Buddha for the future(Buddha Maitreya) is showned each for one day, for three days in all. The paintings made by hand in silk and baldachin are as large as over one thousand square meters. The station for the display, built in 1468, is located in the northeastern part of the temple, with a size of 32(height) by 42.5(bottom width)/38(top width) by 3.5(thickness). This station is a unique characteristic of Tashi Lumpo among all the local Gem Sect monasteries.

Many monks and buddhism believers from nearby Xigaze flooded in and stepped on the display station to worship and presenting hadas, kowtowing for Buddhas' blessings.

Source:China Tibet Information Center
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