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14:21 Sep 29 2011

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"Happiness on the Way" receives 200 audience per day in Lhasa
10:40, June 29, 2010  

Dancers are performing the "Happiness on the Way"photo from China Tibet Information Center.

Original Tibetan play "Happiness on the Way" receives around 200 audience per day in Lhasa, capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR), as a commercial cultural program.

"Happiness on the Way", a large-scale Tibetan play was designated as the only Tibetan stage play for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, which started its trial commercial performance in Lhasa on May 1st, 2010.

The show has become a routine performance in Lhasa for tourists home and abroad,and enjoyed good popularity.

"At present the show receives more than 200 audience per day and the number keeps going up thanks to the flourishing tourism in Tibet," said Zhang Junyue, deputy general manager of Tibet Qomolangma Culture Media Co., Ltd.

"'Happiness on the Way' is the first stage art reflecting Tibetan culture and happy life of its people featured with Thangka art," Zhang added.

Zhang Junye said the receipts from the performance hit 1.3 million yuan in the previous year, and the figure is on the rise this year.

With the funding of more than 20 million yuan, "Happiness on the Way" has attracted about 120 local professional performers whose artist levels rank the top in China.

Source:China Tibet Information Center
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