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13:01 Sep 29 2011

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Overseas Chinese urged to introduce Tibet in foreign countries
10:08, July 01, 2010  

Liang Guanjun, chairman of the New York Federation of Overseas Chinese urged the Chinese living in other countries to take an active part in showing facts and introducing the culture of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) .

As a member of the China Association for Preservation and Development of Tibetan Culture (CAPDTC), Liang Guanjun made a special trip from New York to Beijing Tuesday to attend the 2nd Representative Conference of the CAPDTC.

I share the same responsibility in introducing Tibet overseas as one of the Chinese, explained Liang.

Since he first visit to Tibet in 2001, Liang Guanjun has organized many groups of overseas Chinese to travel in Tibet.

Liang Guanjun always takes an active part in various activities related to Tibet in spite of his busy schedule in his own business and the affairs he has to handle in the Federation.

Only by visiting Tibet personally can you feel the rapid progress made in the region year by year, said Liang Guanjun.

As the leader of the United States,Federation of Overseas Chinese Liang Guanjun called on all of the people to introduce Tibet and its culture to those of other countries.

Liang Guanjun, chairman of the New York Federation of Overseas Chinese, photo from

Overseas Chinese, especially who have visited Tibet should be more active to tell their foreign friends the real situation of Tibet, Zhang added. First of all, they must know Tibet well for a better say in front of foreigners.

I think China's promotion of Tibet in foreign countries is far from enough at present, Zhang Jun told the journalist.

On the one hand, a majority of foreigners have not been to Tibet, so media is the only way for them to learn about Tibet.

On the other hand, the Dalai Lama clique is good at putting on shows while hiding their real attempts of separating Tibet from China, and defaming the achievements made in new Tibet supported by the Central Government,

If the opinions of the media all favor the Dalai Lama's side, foreigners will be kept away from real Tibet, said Zhang.

Zhang said, overseas Chinese often organize activities to promote Tibetan culture, adding, We hope the activities could show foreigners a clearer picture of Tibet.

China Association for Preservation and Development of Tibetan Culture (CAPDTC) hailed the opening of its 2nd Representative Conference in Beijing on June 29, 2010.

Source: China Tibet Information Center


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