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17:46 Sep 29 2011

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China Telecom launches information-based project in Tibet
13:45, July 05, 2010  

The opening ceremony of 2010 information-based key project was held by the Tibet banch of China Telecom on July 3 in Lhasa, capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR).

The project will enable every village in TAR to have access to telecom network and every county to enjoy the broadband service, emergency communication network construction, and firenet construction.

A total of 5,261 villages and 682 towns will benefit from the project.

An information network of emergency and fire will be established over TAR through four different municipal levels.

"TAR telecom will increase its investment and double efforts to develop the information communication at agriculture and animal husbandry areas, improve the capacity of emergency communication network," said Li Xiaohua, manager of the Tibet branch of China Telecom.

2010 marks the 10th anniversary of China Telecom TAR branch, which has invested over 4.3 billion yuan over the decade with an annual growth of 14.9%. In 2009, its Tianyi 3G network covers every city and town in TAR above the county level, boosting region to usher in a new era of 3G service.

Source: China Tibet Information Center


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