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18:00 Sep 29 2011

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Job opportunities to boost in Xinjiang
09:33, July 06, 2010  

The Government has introduced new ways of increasing job opportunities for unemployed residents in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. The authorities are implementing job creation programs in Baicheng County in Akesu Prefecture. People will be offered new oppoutunities to lift themselves out of poverty.

This street is under construction to build 126 stores for unemployed young residents.

They are now preparing to begin their business.

Resident said, "I have had no job since I graduated in 2005. And I heard that the government had launched a program to build a street to create job opportunities for us. So, I decided to open a store and made an application."

More than 400 residents have applied for positions in the bazaar.

The government has spent 1.2 million yuan on the assistance program. It's hoped it'll contribute to the sustainable development and long-term prosperity of the county.

Aynur Mahsatty, Mayor of Baicheng County, said, "To these unemployed teenagers living in an impoverished county, job creation is of paramount concern. We plan to provide them with these stores for free to help them get decent jobs and alleviate their burden on their families."

A new round of support will focus on more livelihood programs such as job training, medical care and education. This will make Xinjiang more attractive to local talent and outside investors.

To help the young people learn a skill for free and subsequently get a job means much to maintaining stability.

For those who don't want to apply for this type of work, the government will provide them with effective vocational training.

The government aims to create a well-off society in Xinjiang to allow local people to have good jobs and enjoy a prosperous life.

Source: CCTV online


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