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18:02 Sep 29 2011

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Dalai Lama's 'democracy' hollow
10:35, July 06, 2010  

After my story on the "democracy" of the Dalai Lama group was published in China Ethnic News, I became the target of attack by writers of the Dalai Lama group. Though I was not surprised by this, I felt obliged to write something as a response to their poor rhetoric and vicious attacks.

The Tibetan government-in-exile led by the Dalai Lama is an authoritarian government that combines religion with politics. My previous story gave a brief description of this, and so far the Dalai Lama’s writers have not responded on this point. They must agree as they have no argument against the claim.

On Aug. 10, 2009, while answering the question on Voice of Germany: Is the Tibetan government in exile a secular government or a theocracy? The No. 2 figure of the Dalai Lama group, Chief Minister of the Tibetan government-in-exile Samdhong Rinpoche, shuffled and said, it was more or less a secular government, but they did not use the word secular. They wrote clearly in their "Charter," the government is one that combines spirit and politics. Undoubtedly, his answer admitted the government’s theocratic nature.

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