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18:12 Sep 29 2011

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The Second Seminar on Tibetology Studies across Taiwan Straits
16:22, July 06, 2010  

From July 6 to 8, 2010, the Second Seminar on Tibetology Studies across the Taiwan Straits is held in China Tibetology Center in Beijing.

Over fifty Scholars and experts in Tibetology studies in culture, history, education and so on are invited to the Seminar. Among them, 34 are from the mainland and 16 from Taiwan. Lhapa Phuntsok, chief staff and researcher of China Tibetology Research Center presided over the opening ceremony of the seminar.

Papers on five different subjects of Tibetology including Tibetan religion, history, culture, arts and modern Tibet have been submitted to this seminar.

Scholars from China Tibetology Center, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Cultural Palace of Nationalities, Minzu University of China, Inner Mongolia University, Northwest Minzu University, and four other universities in mainland China participate the Seminar.

Liu Guowei, Associate Professor of Fo Guang University in Taiwan and some other scholars who attended the first Seminar on Tibetology Studies across the Taiwan Straits also submitted their papers for the second Seminar.

"Professors from Fo Guang University, Fujen Catholic University, Taipei Municipal University, China Culture University, Lunghuwa University of Science and Technology and three other universities in Taiwan came here to share their academic achievements," said Lian Xiangmin, director and Researcher of the Administrative Office for Scientific Research Program in China Tibetology Research Center.

"The seminar is aimed to promote academic exchanges. We all appreciate this good opportunity," said Xu Guixiang, adjunct professor of Longhua University of Science and Technology in Taiwan, deputy director of Yeaching Institute of Harvard, and Doctor of Research Institute for Inner Asian Studies of Harvard. She brought to Beijing with her paper on The Exchanges between Tashilhunpo Monastery and the East India Company before and after the Gurkhas’s Invasion into Tibet.

The first Seminar on Tibetology Studies across the Taiwan Straits was held eight years ago on in Taiwan. Three scholars from Minzu University of China and China Tibetology Center attended the firs seminar.

Source: China Tibet Information Center


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