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20:02 Sep 29 2011

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11th Lingshan Mountain Tibetan Folklore Festival kicks off in Beijing
15:38, July 12, 2010 Photo

The 11th Lingshan Mountain Tibetan Folklore Festival, which has the theme of "Snow Land Folklore on Beijing's No.1 Mountain," kicked off on Lingshan Mountain on July 10.

During the two-month-long festival, tourists can join in the large scale Guozhuang Dance and enjoy the Tibetan butter tea and barley wine.

Lingshan Mountain site is 122 kilometers away from Beijing. The main summit of the mountain is 2,303 meters above the sea level and it is considered the highest peak in Beijing.

The 2 square kilometers of sub-alpine meadow and 3.3 square kilometer of virgin secondary white birch forest are so attractive that many tourists dub it "Little Tibet in Beijing."

Since the first Tibetan Folklore Festival was held successfully here, the special cultural characteristics and the various tourism projects have made it a well-known tourism brand in Beijing. The annual visitor volume has surpassed 100,000.

By People's Daily Online


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