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20:02 Sep 29 2011

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1st permanent protection station set up in Hoh Xil
15:53, July 12, 2010  

Drone protection station was the first permanent protection station established in the hinterland of Hoh Xil State Nature Reserve, according to the Qinghai local government.

One hundred and eighty kilometers away from the Qinghai-Tibet Highway, the calving areas of Tibetan antelopes and wild yaks around the Drone Lake and Sun Lake are under the jurisdiction of the newly-built Drone protection station. Meanwhile, this station is listed the second batch of state-level wild animal disease monitoring station.

Every June to August, thousands of female Tibetan antelopes gather from different areas to breed around the Drone Lake and Sun Lake. In April, 2001, a protection station tent was set up around 4,900 km above the sea level to avoid the illegal poaching, which had played an important role in protecting the breeding of Tibetan antelopes, fighting against the illegal poaching and rescuing the endangered wild species.

Source: China Tibet Information Center


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