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20:20 Sep 29 2011

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Interview with Tibetan conductor Bianba
10:53, July 13, 2010  

Bianba rehearses with the Tibet Philharmonic Orchestra on Friday, July 2, photo from

Fifty-year-old Bianba is the principal conductor of the Tibet Philharmonic Orchestra. As now the only Tibetan conductor, Bainba is committing himself to both promoting Tibetan music to the outside world while introducing western music to Tibet.

In a rehearsal hall at the Song and Dance Company of the Tibet autonomous region, Bianba and his orchestra are busy preparing for a performance at the Shanghai Expo. They will present a symphony called Chun Gu Fei Yang, featuring ancient Tibetan drums.

Bianba himself composed the symphony. He uses ancient Tibetan instruments such as the 4-meter-long Tongqin and different drums used in rituals and royal courts, to portray his music.

All these instruments are invaluable, said Bianba, Many of them were borrowed from the Potala Palace and each of them has a history of more than a thousand years.

Bianba's inspiration of composing the music comes from a Buddhist temple in Tibet, where he recorded the patters from the monks, and used the tune of the patters as the theme of his music. He mixed the tune with different Tibetan drums and wind instruments, which presents a unique Tibetan style.

Traditional Tibetan music features both singing and dancing. Different from western music, our music is always loud and energetic. But I adopt western composing techniques to interpret our traditional music to make it more accessible, said the conductor.

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