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22:15 Sep 27 2011

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[Life in Tibet]A Riverside Dream (3)
08:44, July 14, 2010  

To save our shoes, many of us proceeded barefoot. We frowned and screamed as we moved on, as each step was painful whenever our tender feet sank into piles of loose, hard cobblestones.

But as we were screaming aloud enduring this natural, extra-powerful foot message from nature, we also laughed and found that the masks on our faces had instantly dissolved.

After we finally made it through and reached the river, we forgot all about the pain. We stared in awe at the rushing, whitish-green turbulence, the steep mountain in the background, and the occasional long-distance buses and trucks traveling along the Qinghai-Sichuan-Tibet road on the other side of the river.

The mountains were mixed colors of brown and green, as mounds of grass broke the ground—the first signs of summer. Prayer flags were tied on the mountain at unreachable heights, creating a colorful contrast to the mundane background.

After the initial shock, we recovered and started to enjoy some time beside the river. One of my colleagues and I began throwing stones into the river. Although his pleasure was to see the stones bouncing above the waves, mine was to hear the plunking sounds whenever I threw a very heavy stone into the center of the turbulence.

Throwing the stones and listening to their sounds proved my guess that the river was very deep where the water reflected a whitish-green color, despite the transparent, shallow part near the bank. Attempting to swim in such turbulent, deep and frigid water would have been suicidal.

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