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20:51 Sep 29 2011

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China's Tibetologist and Lama Delegation visit Japan
13:43, July 14, 2010  

A delegation of Tibetologists and Lamas from China's Tibet Autonomous Region arrived in Tokyo for intercommunications on July 13, 2010.

Tsengon Chungtsang Losang Champa Lama (L) sends hata to representative of Overseas Chinese in Tokyo, photo from CRI online

Led by Sherab Nyima,vice president Minzu University of China and School of Tibetan Studies in Minzu University of China, the delegation also included Tsengon Chungtsang Losang Champa Lama, Su Faxiang and a group of other tibegology scholars.

After its arrival, the Tibetologist and Lama Delegation first visited Liao Yayan, president of Overseas Chinese Association in Tokyo and the welcoming representatives.

Source: China Tibet Information Center
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