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20:56 Sep 29 2011

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Cadre group to bring 4 billion yuan to Tibet
16:19, July 14, 2010  

The fifth group of cadres sent to support Tibet has introduced a total of nearly 4 billion yuan for Tibet, according to the organization department of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

The capital has effectively enhanced the self-development capabilities of the recipient areas in Tibet and has greatly improved the local urban and rural landscape as well as raised the living and production conditions of the residents.

The fifth group of cadres will soon complete their three years of aid work in Tibet. During the past three years, all related institutions and units have accumulated much experience, broadened areas and created innovative new ways to aid Tibet.

All the Tibet aid teams also intensified science, technology and employment efforts and actively promoted the economic and technological cooperation between the Chinese inland and Tibet based on a greater scope, broader field and higher level.

These cadres have also introduced a total of 200 projects and about 3.7 billion yuan for Tibet in the last three years, carried out 246 characteristic husbandry projects and organized nearly 51,000 farmers and herdsmen to participate in skills training, creating a comprehensive, multi-level and wide range blueprint of Tibet aid work.

Zhang Qingli, Party secretary of Tibet Autonomous Region, said the aid work has greatly improved the infrastructure conditions in Tibet, promoted economic development and social progress in the region and closed links between Tibet and the Chinese inland, allowing the Tibetan people to enjoy visible and tangible benefits.

The fifth group of cadres is composed of 850 cadres from 18 provinces, central institutions and state ministries and 17 central enterprises. They began their aid work in Tibet in 2007.

By People's Daily Online

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