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21:14 Sep 29 2011

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UK's Labour party supports China's policy on Tibet
11:03, July 15, 2010  

British Foreign Secretary William Hague said his country is "strongly committed" to deepening ties with China, calling for an expansion in trade opportunities and more cooperation on international affairs.

"We hope to continue on the work of the previous Labour government. I think they did some good work in developing relations with China," Hague told reporters after meeting with his Chinese counterpart Yang Jiechi in Beijing, the first stop on his maiden Asia visit.

Yang and Hague exchanged views on the development of Africa and cooperation on Afghanistan and Iran. Hague also confirmed the new coalition government's continuity in foreign policy, saying, "The Labour party has recognized China's sovereignty over Tibet and we support that policy." Meanwhile he still voiced Britain's long-term concerns over human-rights issues in the autonomous region.

Yang acknowledged different "social systems and cultural heritage" between China and the UK but said disparate views on some issues wouldn't have an adverse effect on ties.

Source: China Daily


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