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21:39 Sep 29 2011

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Beijing Ling Mountain holds Tibet festival
09:55, July 16, 2010  

Ling Mountain, the highest in Beijing, is hosting its second annual Tibet Festival from July 10 until September 4, when tourists will savor authentic Tibetan food, traditional dances and folklore.

For mountain hiking fans, the festival is a good chance to get off their bums while experiencing different customs.

Located at the northwestern side of Mentougou, Ling Mountain sits 122 kilometers from the city center and is home to 1,000 types of wild plants, making it a paradise for animals such as peccaries, rabbits, foxes and goats.

Ling Mountain scenic spot, Mentougou district (Take bus 929 branch line from Pingguoyuan subway station to Shuang Tang Jian.) 6182-7994.

Source: China Daily


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