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21:40 Sep 29 2011

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Nyingchi forest rangers protect the land
09:58, July 16, 2010  
Nyingchi forest rangers protect the land

Drobu Jie, a forest ranger who has watching over the woods in Nyingchi area for 31 years, talks about his job with CRI reporters outside his duty room in Tibet Autonomous Region, July 4, 2010. [Photo:]

Drobu Jie is one of the two original forest rangers in a town in the Nyingchi area, located in the east of China's Tibet Autonomous Region.

Watching over local forests since 1979, Drobu Jie said the monkeys living on the hill is now a new 'headache' for him, as the number of rhesus monkeys has been increasing rapidly since 2003 when the precious animal was first found in Gongbujiada county.

Usually the primate group will find their own way to the ranger's duty room for food every day. However, once they encounter the wild dogs and get frightened, they will hide for several days, which forces the 62-year-old forest ranger to search for them through the woods covering an area of several hundred mu (15mu =1 hectare).

"Taking care of these monkeys has been a new priority of my job," Drobu Jie told CRI reporters, "Sometimes I had to spend the whole day searching for them three or four times."
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