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22:19 Sep 29 2011

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10 Tibetan towns you can't miss!
13:06, July 19, 2010  
10 Tibetan towns you can't miss!

The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau boasts many scenic spots. Below are the 10 most beautiful towns you can't miss during your trip to Tibet.


1. Maduo - The source of the Yellow River

Maduo, which means "the source of the Yellow River" in Tibetan, is the first stop into Tibet from inland China. It's located in Qinghai Province about 500 kilometers to the southwest of Xining, the provincial capital.

Although it has a small population and has a severe climate, many people come to Maduo to trace the source of the river, which is regarded as the cradle of Chinese culture.

Maduo has more than 4,000 lakes. Zhaling Lake and Eling Lake are the most famous. Between the two lakes, an Ox Head tablet marks the origin of the Yellow River. The crystal-clear lakes attract thousands of migrant birds in winter and spring.
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