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22:23 Sep 29 2011

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10 Tibetan towns you can't miss! (2)
14:57, July 19, 2010  


2. Zetang - Cradle of the Tibetans

Zetang, a town about 200 km southeast of Lhasa, is the birthplace of the Tibetans. Legend says a sacred monkey married the daughter of a demon. The girl then gave birth to six monkeys whose offspring were human beings - today's Tibetans.

Zetang is a feast for visitors' eyes - be it the monkey caves with stamped characters or the first field and the first house of the Tibetans. Located in the north of Zetang, god bestowed the field for crop cultivating. The house, in Nedong County near Zetang, was built for the first ruler of Tubo Kingdom. Along with its mysticism, Tibet's butter tea and delicious highland barley wine surely will impress.
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